Textillustrationen (Fächerübergreifender Unterricht E / BE – Klasse 5A)

Ausgehend von den „Black Storys“ (Eine Sammlung von teils gruseligen oder blutrünstigen Geschichten, die durch Fragen geklärt werden sollen), entwickelten die Schülerinnen und Schüler der 5A Klasse eigene Kriminalkurzgeschichten.

Diese wurden im folgenden BE-Unterricht illustriert. In ihren Bildern sollten die Schülerinnen und Schüler auf Ergänzung, Ausschmückung und Deutung der Texte eingehen.

In zwei Teamteaching-Einheiten wurden die Schüler bei der Textanalyse und Motivauswahl unterstützt und bei der Anwendung von unterschiedlichen bildnerischen Techniken angeleitet.

Mag. Manuela Radauer, Mag. Nicolas Weisseneder

Short story 1

The two Quinn sisters are living in Oregon in Portland. It’s 8 o’clock in the evening and they are on their way to a house party. When they go through a tunnel, they hear a strange noise. Suddenly, they see a shadow on the floor at the other side of the tunnel. They scream! Everything happens very quickly. A black dressed person shoots the older sister. Then the murder carries the other one on his back. He runs away with her. However, at the end of the tunnel the little sister hits the murder into the back. She kicks him. He falls down. She takes a knife and kills him. Blood is everywhere. She takes a jacket and covers his face. She runs back to her sister and sits down next to her. She puts her head into her hands and starts crying. She thinks everything is over.

Short story 2

Q: A man goes into a restaurant and he orders turkey. He takes one bite. Suddenly, he goes out of the restaurant and shoots himself.

A: Three weeks before the man was stranded on a lonely island with a friend of him and his wife. When they were all hungry the friend and the wife of the man went to hunt for food. The friend came back with a big piece of meat, but without the wife of the man. The man was told that his wife couldn’t survive, but the friend had caught a turkey, at least he said that. The man was really sad, but the fact that he has never eaten turkey and was nearly starving, made him to taste the meat.

Two months later, when the man was rescued, he went into a restaurant and ordered turkey. He recognized that it tasted different then on the island and the only way, this could be for real, is that the friend killed his wife and the man ate it. The man couldn’t handle the fact that he ate his wife on the island. So, he suddenly goes out of the restaurant and shoots himself.

Short story 3

It was the 13th of July in 2012 and two boys named Moritz and Jona were about to go for a dive. They have heard a few days before about the mystery of Atlantis – an underwater city which should exist, but no one has ever seen it. There was the rumor that whoever finds the city will get a coupon of one million US-Dollars. They were just on their way to get to the boat and were discussing where to dive.

After a 40 minutes dive they suddenly see the huge underwater city. Moritz and Jona are on their way to dive towards it but out of the nowhere Jona stops and can hardly breathe. Moritz doesn’t recognize it and is still on his way down. In the meantime, Jona is trying to get to the water surface but gets unconscious.

Tourists on a boat are taking photos of the great view, when suddenly a corpse is swimming on top of the waves. They scream and pull the guy onto the boat and try to reanimate the guy, but it doesn’t work. They quickly go to the harbor and call the police and the emergency.

Two detectives ask all people on the boat about details, while the guy is taken to hospital.

Two days later, a huge article about a guy called Moritz Beuchel, who found Atlantis and got one million US-Dollars, was in the newspaper. But in the article nothing was written about the guy, who is in coma right now.

After two years, Jona wakes up and can remember everything about the accident. He calls the two police officers. “What happened on that day?” they ask him. “I was diving with Moritz and suddenly we saw Atlantis and though that we could prove it and get the money. But then I couldn’t breathe anymore, out of a sudden my oxygen bottle was empty. It must have been manipulated. I tried to get to the water surface, but just before I got there I lost my consciousness. From that point on I can’t remember anything.